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Professional Gutter Cleaning in Lake Oswego Oregon

March 11, 2024

Professional Gutter Cleaning in Lake Oswego Oregon

We recently completed a gutter cleaning job in Lake Oswego, Oregon, for a two-story, 3500 square foot house. The property featured gutters on both the first and second floors, which required thorough cleaning and unclogging of downspouts. Utilizing our specialized gutter vacuum system, we efficiently cleared out all debris from inside the gutters.

Our process involved employing a carbon fiber pole that extended into the gutters, while the attached vacuum system effectively sucked debris into a debris bin within the vacuum. This method ensured a tidy and mess-free operation, preserving the cleanliness of the customer's yard and house.

Additionally, we ascended ladders to reach several sections of the roof, where we blew off debris to ensure thorough cleanliness. Once the job was completed, we promptly packed up all equipment, leaving the property immaculate.

The customer expressed great satisfaction with the final outcome of the project, appreciating our effective and efficient approach to gutter cleaning and maintenance

Location: Lake Oswego, OR

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